Learn Blackjack

Blackjack is an easy game to learn to play and in this section we’ll give you a guide to the rules, a brief history of the game and a black jack glossary so you can quickly reference all the terms that we use on the site.

Although the basic rules of the game are easy to learn there are numerous variations of the rules which will also be covered in this section.  These comprise of various different twists on the original black jack rules plus continental and geographic idiosyncrasies.

These variations include, but are not limited to:

  • number of decks used
  • splitting options
  • double down options
  • dealer hitting or standing on soft 17
  • surrender options offered
  • payout for black jack

All of the variations have an impact on the player’s expected return.

So to get started familiarize yourself with the rules, read about the history, if you are interested, and glance through the glossary to ensure you understand all the jargon before you move on to learning the basic strategy.