Blackjack Glossary

It’s the same with any new game you are learning…there’s a special “code”, strange terms that you do not necessarilly understand that you fell you should know. Well we understand your position so here’s a quick guide to some of the terms and phrases you will come across in Black jack and were afraid to ask…

  • Blackjack An Ace and a face card/ten to make 21 with two cards. Pays 3 to 2.
  • Bust Your hand now totals over 21 after drawing another card and you have busted. You lose immediately even if the Dealer subsequently busts.
  • Double Down Double your bet and take one more card.
  • Draw Same as Hit.
  • Hard Hand A hand without and Ace or one with an Ace that can only be counted as one. (e.g. Ace, 6, 7 can only be worth 14).
  • Hit Request another card.
  • Hole Card The dealer’s face down card.
  • Insurance If the dealer’s face up card is an Ace you may be offered insurance. This is basically a bet equal to your original that the dealer has Black jack. Insurance pays 2 to 1, so you break even if the dealer has black jack.
  • Las Vegas Rules Rules typical of downtown Las Vegas. Double allowed on any first two cards,  re-splits allowed, dealer hits soft 17, insurance allowed.
  • Las Vegas Strip Rules Same as above but the dealer must hit soft 17.
  • Push The dealer’s hand and yours are equal, your stake is returned.
  • Shoe A device for holding the decks of cards to be dealt.
  • Soft Hand This refers to a hand containing an Ace where the Ace can be counted as 1 or 11 without busting. (e.g. Ace,8 can be worth 9 or 19).
  • Split You have two cards of the same denomination and wish to split them and play
    always split 8s

    Always split 8s

    as two separate hands. This also means doubling your bet.

  • Stand Indicates that you are happy with your total and do not wish to draw anymore cards.
  • Stiff Hand A hand valued at 12 -16.
  • Surrender You do not believe that you have a good chance of winning the hand and surrender your cards for a loss of half your stake. Not allowed in all casinos.