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Do you know that you can reduce the casino’s edge if you play using the correct blackjack strategy?

The facts that the game is very easy to learn, and that a player can cut the house margin to as little as 0.2%, given the right playing conditions, are the two main reasons that it is still one of the most popular casino games.

play blackjack online

A nice winning hand

Here at we aim to help you play black jack on the web for money and win.

The philosophy is simple: use the correct strategy at the most reliable and trustworthy casinos and you improve your chances of winning.

Learning to play blackjack online

If you are new to the game we recommend that you follow the information in the Learn Black jack section that teach you the rules and history of the game and also provides a glossary so that you can understand the terminology.

Follow this with the Blackjack Strategy training that teaches you the easy to follow rules to help you get that valuable edge. This section also provides you with quick reference charts or cheat sheets as they are sometimes referred to indicate the correct strategic play for all permutations of cards.

blackjack online

The perfect hand…

There was a time when you could play blackjack online and walk away with the generous bonuses offered, however, in recent years, the casinos have made it harder to play the game and collect easy winnings by removing cashable bonuses and increasing play through, or wagering requirements, however you can still leverage their bonuses to make a profit using your skill at black jack basic strategy combined of course with a smattering of luck.

Considerations when playing online

One of the most important considerations when you gamble online is the choice of an honest and reliable casino and all of the online casinos that we recommend have been selected on the basis of their good reputation for fair games, top level customer service and easy deposit and withdrawal processes.

However we always recommend that you check the terms and conditions for promotions before you sign up to play online at any gambling site and also check the deposit and withdrawal methods that are available to you in your geographic area to ensure that your preferred methods are suitable. Of course you should also be aware if gambling online is legal where you are located. does provide a check list for you to assist in making the right online casino choice. After all we want you to play for money and enjoy the experience!

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  • Recommended Casinos
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Good luck and remember only ever gamble online with money you can afford to lose.