Blackjack Strategy Cards

Blackjack strategy cards are a quick reference to indicate what play you should make based on your card total and the dealer’s face up card.

The two main criteria that affect the exact strategy to be used in a blackjack game are number of decks used and whether the dealer has to stand or hit on soft 17.  (Just as a reminder: soft 17 is any hand that contains and ace and totals 17 when counting the ace as 11.)

To cover these differences we provide you with six blackjack strategy cards that cater for 1, 2 or multi decks and, for each of those, a card for dealer hitting soft 17 and standing on soft 17.

Click the required blackjack strategy cards below to open in another, small window or click the “print all” link to open a pdf file that you can print for all the cards.

 Blackjack Strategy Cards

Here is an example blackjack strategy card for a multi deck game where the casino rules state that the dealer must hit soft 17.blackjack-strategy-card-multi-deck-dealer-hits-soft17
Let’s examine the key points and understand how to use the card. You can use this card for any play in the game, not just the first play of a hand.
Start by finding the dealer’s face up card on the top line, then the row for your hand total or cards in the left hand column. Then scan across to find the square where the column and row meet. This square indicates what your play should be:

  • H – Stand. Take another card.
  • S – Stand. Take no further action.
  • D – Double down if allowed or Hit if not.
  • Ds – Double down if allowed or Stand if not.
  • SP – Split if allowed, otherwise play the hand for the total of the two cards.

It’s as simple as that.

You will find the blackjack strategy cards for the type of game you are playing on the following pages:

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bob October 24, 2015 at 1:07 am

where can I get a blackjack strategy card.i cant find anywhere
thanks. Bob


Jim October 24, 2015 at 9:36 am

Hi Bob, You can get them from the links on this page. Single deck blackjack,
Double deck blackjack,
Muliti deck blackjack.
Hope that helps and good luck.


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